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Harrisburg, PA — Pennsylvania makes a difference!

May 16, 2006

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philly Eagles and State Officials Lead PA's Fight Against Global Warming

While Washington seems to be moving at a snail's pace, state and local governments and businesses all over the country are proving what real leadership is all about: recognizing the seriousness of global warming, brainstorming local solutions, and most importantly, getting things done!

Pennsylvania's business community provides a great example, led by the state's NFL team - and Virtual Marchers - the Philadelphia Eagles. You may remember that last December, when the Eagles played the St. Louis Rams, the game was rendered carbon neutral in a joint effort between, Native Energy, and both NFL teams. Well that's not all the Eagles have done.

In 2003, the Eagles became the first pro sports organization to implement an environmental strategy, launching GO GREEN, a ground-breaking outreach campaign to protect the environment. The team instituted recycling programs throughout its operations; started purchasing renewable energy from wind and other sources; led tree-planting programs in the Philly community; and switched to organic and pesticide-free materials on their playing and practice fields. Next up, the team plans to make bio-diesel fuel recycled from the cooking fats used in the team's kitchens. These efforts have not only helped improve the organization's green credentials, they've also been great economic decisions, helping to enhance the team's profitability as a business. Now that's a winning combination!

Over at the statehouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Governor Edward Rendell is leading Pennsylvania's government in the fight against global warming. The Governor joined the Virtual March in October and was quickly joined by several other PA officials, including Michael DiBerardinis, Secretary of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Gregory C. Fajt, Secretary of the Department of Revenue, Jeffrey B. Miller, Commissioner of State Police, and General Counsel Barbara Adams.

It's a testament to the widespread public understanding - and the growing sense of urgency for action - that such a diverse group of public officials from just one state have joined the March and gotten serious about protecting their state's future in the fight against global warming. When the police commissioner and the state's top tax official are worried enough to take action, that's a sure sign that people get it.

Pennsylvania's government has moved into action mode, investing millions of dollars in renewable energy, including $193,000 for 15 small-scale community wind projects to demonstrate modern wind technology in highly visible locations throughout the state. Governor Rendell also rolled out the welcome mat for Gamesa Corp., the second largest wind energy company in the world, which recently sited its U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia and opened two manufacturing facilities in the state, representing an $84 million investment in Pennsylvania's economy and creating hundreds of jobs.

Governor Rendell notes: "The solution to global warming is all about efficiency and productivity and innovationů We are building a clean, secure energy future in Pennsylvania and it is high time we get serious about global warming and build that better future at the national level as well. Global warming is a problem---but it is a huge opportunity as well."

So, Pennsylvania is wide awake and making great strides to fight global warming and we hope they will inspire other states to follow suit.

You can help too! Make sure your Mayor has signed the Climate Protection Agreement, and keep passing on the message about the Virtual March to your friends!