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Mr. Luna’s Bright Idea

by: Laurie David    20 March 2006

Not too long ago, Oprah did a show about global warming and held up a lightbulb. Not just any lightbulb, but a compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb that uses 66% less energy than a standard bulb. If every household in America changed just five of their bulbs to a CFL, it would be equivalent to taking 8 million cars off the road for a year.

Ken Luna, an eighth grade science teacher in Babylon, New York saw Oprah and, along with his students, has come up with a very bright idea: give one CFL bulb to every K-12 student in America -- all 50 million of them -- and fight global warming one bulb at a time (not to mention saving the American people over $2.3 billion in electricity costs).

Home Depot has agreed to supply Mr. Luna's class with enough CFL bulbs for every student in their district (that's 5,500 free CFL bulbs). So on March 30th, in the west gym at North Babylon High School, they are having a party -- clowns, music, food… and free lightbulbs.

If you are a teacher, start a similar project in your class. If you are a supplier or a retail store, donate bulbs. If you are part of the media, cover this worthwhile campaign. And if you are Oprah, know that your suggestion has sparked the ultimate in grassroots action -- so please continue to follow this great story and spread the word.