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Global Warming a Concern for Hunters, Fishermen

by:    14 July 2006

Global warming a concern for hunters, fishermen
From wire services

LAKE CHARLES, La. - An overwhelming percentage of hunters and fishermen say they are concerned about global warming based on personal experience, according to the results of a nationwide survey taken in March and April.

In what was described as the first nationwide sampling to focus solely on outdoorsmen with hunting and fishing licenses, the poll conducted by Responsive Management of Harrisonburg, Va., under the auspices of the National Wildlife Federation, showed that the outlook of outdoorsmen has progressed far beyond the issue of whether global warming exists.

According to the survey, hunters and fishermen think it threatens the future of their passions. Slightly more than 70 percent of the 1,031 sportsmen interviewed from 35 states said they either were very concerned or somewhat concerned that in the areas they hunt and fish there will be significant decreases, or even disappearances of species within 10 years.

Thirty-seven percent of the outdoorsmen said in their experience there have been earlier springs, 32 percent believe there have been earlier bloom times, 39 percent believe there have been hotter summers and 54 percent feel winters are warmer or shorter.