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Study: Global Warming No Longer A Warning

by: Megan Shannon    22 November 2006

Austin, TX (AHN) - Global Warming is no longer just a warning -- animals are starting to die off a lot sooner than biologists predicted as the climate warms.

Scientists reviewed 866 scientific studies and summed up their findings in the journal Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. They found disturbing evidence of extinction due to warmer climates. For example, 70 different species of frogs have already gone extinct. This means that other cold-dependent creatures such as polar bears and penguins might be next.

University of Texas biologist Camille Parmesan said, "We are finally seeing species going extinct. Now we've got the evidence. It's here. It's real. This is not just biologists' intuition. It's what's happening."

This process, while moving surprisingly quick, has been delayed some by the adaptations of these species. Some animals are moving north as temperatures rise, others are slightly adapting their behavior.

Scientists have been warning people for years of the effects of global warming but even they were not expecting this.

Douglas Futuyma, professor of ecology and evolution at the State University of New York in Stony Brook said, "I feel as though we are staring crisis in the face. It's not just down the road somewhere. It is just hurtling toward us. Anyone who is 10 years old right now is going to be facing a very different and frightening world by the time that they are 50 or 60."