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There is no more important cause than the call for action to save the planet on which we live. The evidence is here. The time is now. Add your voice to the 488,044 already marching. Join us.

By joining THE STOP GLOBAL WARMING VIRTUAL MARCH, we commit to each other that together, as our numbers grow, we will use our collective voices to demand that governments, corporations, and politicians take the steps necessary to stop global warming. Today I join this march, and I take the first step.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort bringing Americans together to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.


Naturopathica is dedicated to inspiring healthy lifestyles through innovative natural products and wellness education.

Global warming threatens Mother Earth in the most egregious ways and we are proud to join our fellow marchers here to take a stand and to speak out to ensure the planet's wellbeing. Time is of the essence and we cannot afford to defer our involvement to preserve our precious natural resources, the life force and life source to all inhabitants.

As Al Gore has said, the first imperative is to "punch through the massive denial and resistance" that still exists in this country. Small steps can collectively make a big difference and taking action is what matters now. At Naturopathica, a national company headquartered in New York, we believe no step is too small. As a few examples:

* we offer a cash incentive to any employee who purchases a vehicle that is not solely gasoline dependent

* none of our products contain petroleum based ingredients

* we're enrolled in our regional utilities' Green Choice Program

* we donate products, profits, and time to non-profits focused on the environment and health issues.

We are touched and invigorated by our clients and customers who share our values and vision and believe there is a critical mass forming to alter the heartbreaking trajectory we have been on. We invite you to voice your opinions, to sound the call, and to take action in every possible…at home and at work…to stop global warming and to ensure this planet's continuation for future generations as a healthy and livable environment.

Nancy Jackson Park

CEO, Naturopathica