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There is no more important cause than the call for action to save the planet on which we live. The evidence is here. The time is now. Add your voice to the 488,031 already marching. Join us.

By joining THE STOP GLOBAL WARMING VIRTUAL MARCH, we commit to each other that together, as our numbers grow, we will use our collective voices to demand that governments, corporations, and politicians take the steps necessary to stop global warming. Today I join this march, and I take the first step.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort bringing Americans together to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.

of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife

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We see it everywhere - the destructive impact of climate change on our precious wildlife.

In the Caribbean, conservative estimates from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have found that about one-third of the coral in official monitoring sites has died recently. Sea levels are rising in Florida, threatening to swallow huge areas of crucial habitat for coastal and wetland wildlife. Further north, melting sea ice is pushing polar bears toward the very brink of extinction. The rapid melting is also separating walrus cubs from their mothers, stranding them to die alone in the Arctic Sea.

The terrible truth is this: Global warming is real and it threatens to rob us our most cherished wildlife. According to scientists, climate change could doom more than a million species to extinction by 2050.

The extinctions would rip enormous holes in the web of life -- what scientists call biological diversity. In our interconnected world, such damage would threaten our very existence by disrupting nature's essential life-supporting services.

We can wait no longer. If we are to leave to our children and grandchildren a world that is at least as wondrous and supportive as the one we inherited, we must act now to stop global warming.