There is no more important cause than the call to action to save our planet. This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution. Join the 638,704 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand solutions to global warming now.

The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort bringing Americans together to declare that global warming is here now and it’s time to act.

Featured Marchers

Allison Rogers - Miss Rhode Island 2006
Andy Stern
Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D-IL)
Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager (D-WI)
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
Barenaked Ladies
Ben Jelen
Bill McDonough
Bill McKibben
Blue Man Group
Bob Edgar
Bonnie Raitt
Cameron Cleeland
Carol Browner
Carole King
Charles Brown
Chase Utley
Christie Brinkley
Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT)
Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA)
Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL)
Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL)
Daphne Zuniga
David Whiteside
Denis Hayes
Dennis Rivera
DEP Secretary Kathleen McGinty (D-PA)
Department of Revenue Secretary Gregory C. Fajt (D-PA)
Elizabeth Kolbert
Father Paul Mayer
Former Congressman Pete McCloskey (R-CA)
Former Mayor Anthony Williams, Washington D.C.
Former State Treasurer Phil Angelides (D-CA)
Former Vice President Al Gore
Gabrielle Reece
Gary Erickson
Gary Hirshberg
General Counsel Barbara Adams (D-PA)
General Wesley Clark
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM)
Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT)
Governor Edward G. Rendell (D-PA)
Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY)
Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS)
Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL)
Gretchen Bleiler
Gus Speth
Huey Lewis
James Taylor
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Jeffrey Hollender
Jerome Ringo
Jim Lovell
Jim Wiatt
John B. Hess
John H. Adams
Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Fishman
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kathy Mattea
Kevin Knobloch
Kweisi Mfume
Laird Hamilton
Larry David
Larry Schweiger
Laurie David
Leigh Steinberg
Leonardo DiCaprio
Manuela Testolini Nelson
Martha Marks
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Los Angeles
Mayor Bart Peterson, Indianapolis, IN
Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco
Mayor George Heartwell, Grand Rapids, MI
Mayor Greg Nickels, Seattle, WA
Mayor John Hickenlooper, Denver, CO
Mayor Martin J. Chávez, Albuquerque, NM
Mayor Marty Blum, Santa Barbara, CA
Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, Las Vegas, NV
Mayor Richard M. Daley, Chicago
Michael Oppenheimer
Mindy Lubber
Musical Outfits
Pastor Tri Robinson
R. James Woolsey
Rabbi David Saperstein
Reverend William Sinkford
Richard Klausner
Robert Birdlegs Caughlan
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Rodney Crowell
Roger Barnett
Roger Mandle
Ross Gelbspan
Rusted Root
Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources Michael DiBerardinis (D-PA)
Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)
Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT)
Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL)
Shaun White
Sheryl Crow
State Controller Steve Westly (D-CA)
State Police Commissioner Colonel Jeffrey B. Miller, Pennsylvania
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer (D-CA)
Stephen Schneider
Susan Joy Hassol
Taja Sevelle
Taking Back Sunday
tenacious d
The CodeTalkers
The Young Turks
Tim Flannery
Timothy Wirth
Tony Hawk
Traylor Howard
Walter Cronkite
Wangari Maathai - 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Warren Moon
Willie L. Brown, Jr.