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The IndyCar Series

Location:   IN,  46204
Marching Since:   September 7, 2005
Impact:   17 marchers

Why We Are Marching

The IndyCar® Series has always been recognized for its technical leadership in motorsports. Now, we are the motorsports leader committed to fueling our race cars with renewable and environmentally responsible energy. The American ethanol industry has partnered with the IndyCar® Series to become the fuel supplier beginning with the 2006 racing season. Ethanol is a clean-burning and renewable fuel that reduces air pollution while delivering strong engine performance. By 2007, the IndyCar® Series will use fuel that is 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol to power its cars, the same fuel that has the potential to replace at least 10 percent of the nation’s gasoline supply. We, like our leaders in Washington, recognize the value of ethanol and the positive effects that it has on our environment.

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