What is the March?

THE STOP GLOBAL WARMING VIRTUAL MARCH ON WASHINGTON is a bi-partisan effort to bring all Americans together in one place, proving there is a vast consensus among Americans that global warming is here now and it is time for our country to start addressing it. With the support of leading scientists, political and religious leaders, prominent Americans and concerned citizens, the Virtual March on Washington will move across the United States via the Internet from one town to the next, showing the evidence of global warming's alarming progress, and highlighting real people's concerns and real solutions along the way.

Through our interactive map, you can track the progress of the March in real time as more people join, see the path on which we're traveling together widen, and read the stories from March stops across the country. We will march to Indianapolis and visit the Indy Racing League where all of the racecars will soon be converted to run on biofuels; in Colorado, where an elementary school is purchasing 100% of its electricity from wind power (saving 420,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year); and to New York City to visit the ground-breaking green rebuilding of the World Trade Towers; amongst many more destinations.

Over the next year, the March will travel across the U.S., gaining strength in numbers and raising awareness about global warming. On Earth Day 2006, the March will arrive in Washington D.C. to use the strength of our numbers to urge:

1. The president to initiate a real plan of action to address global warming.

2. Congress to enact new laws to reduce global warming pollution from U.S. power plants, factories and automobiles.

3. U.S. businesses to start a new industrial revolution of clean energy products that will reduce our oil dependence and global warming pollution.

Join the March.