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Because of your tremendous response to the last message about how global warming impacts our coral reefs in Florida, we have increased our numbers by 7,500 marchers. Now we need to double that!

Our goal is one million Virtual Marchers, so we become so big and so strong that we are impossible to ignore.

Helping us to reach that goal and joining us on the March this week are Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), New York journalist and author Elizabeth Kolbert, Surfers Village, The Climate Change Student Interest Group Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies, Religious Action Center of Reform Judiasm, Hoodwink and League of Conservation Voters.

If each one of us signs up just two people, we can triple the number of Virtual Marchers to 800,000!

Here is an interesting fact -- If those 800,000 marchers change just two light bulbs to compact fluorescents, we can save 240 million pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Now that is making a difference!

Right now, please invite two or more of your friends (the more the better!) to join the March. Go here to invite your friends.

Today, the March is stopping in North Carolina's Outer Banks. If something isn't done about global warming - right now - within a generation, rising seas and more frequent and powerful storms will overtake North Carolina’s Outer Banks. That means that unless we do something, your grandchildren might well travel to North Carolina someday to see where the Outer Banks used to be. (Read more about our stop in the Outer Banks)

Building to one million Virtual Marchers
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