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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)

Global warming and the pollution and burning of fossil fuels that cause it are threats we see here in California and everywhere around the world. These pollutants blanket the globe, trapping heat and creating the “greenhouse” effect – the warming of the earth’s atmosphere. All of this impacts California’s water supply, public health, agriculture, coastlines, forestry, and much more....

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Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT)

I believe protecting the environment is one of the most important jobs I have as a Member of Congress. There is no doubt in my mind that global warming is happening and that man is contributing to it. Now, it is our responsibility to work to mitigate the impacts of potentially catastrophic climate change. We simply will not have a world to live in if we continue our neglectful ways....

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Lisa Madigan
llinois Attorney General

Global warming is real, and it is happening now. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that global warming poses a serious danger to everyone, including the citizens of Illinois. In this state, global warming, left unchecked over time, could cause serious harm to public health and the economy by lowering lake levels, increasing heat-related deaths, and causing more frequent flooding. ...

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Reverend William Sinkford
President, Unitarian Universalist Association

I join this cyber march against global warming, and encourage other Unitarian Universalists to do so, because it is an act of love to speak out on behalf of those without voice. As people of faith, we are called to speak out for the many species that are suffering and becoming extinct. We are called to speak out for Arctic Circle villagers, where thousands of years of subsistence living is sinking with the ice which can no longer hold seals or hunters. We are called to speak for our children and grandchildren, whose very survival on this planet will be thrown into question in ways we cannot yet imagine....

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Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA)

Thirty five years have passed since the first Earth Day was celebrated. Its creation marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement; a force that has been the impetus for successful bipartisan action in Congress. ...

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George Heartwell
Mayor (City of Grand Rapids, Michigan)

The job of saving the planet-reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving water quality, and protecting species-is in the hands of local governments and individuals. ...

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Senator John McCain, (R-AZ)

In my view, the evidence is very strong - and the effects of climate change are very alarming. The national academy of Sciences has state in unequivocal terms that the effects are substantial and, to quote a report, the result of human activity....

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Walter Cronkite

I am joining the hundreds of thousands who shall be marching in this virtual march to demonstrate the concern that we all hold for the future of our planet and all the living things -- flora, fauna, human and animal -- that exist upon it. The governments of the world have tarried long enough, and the United States is scarcely without doubt the greatest culprit among them....

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Brian Schweitzer

(D-MT) Global warming is a threat that all humans have in common, and will continue to threaten the earth as long as energy is recklessly consumed. ...

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Tim Flannery

Professor Tim Flannery, scientist, explorer, conservationist and author of The Weather Makers ...

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Greg Nickels
Mayor of Seattle

In Seattle, we are already seeing the effects of climate change. Our average annual Cascade mountain snowpack, which is the source of Seattle's hydroelectric system and water supply, is already 50 percent less than it was in 1950. It's obvious we can't ignore this problem any longer...

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R. James Woolsey
former Dir., CIA

Should you doubt that global warming is as serious as the overwhelming weight of scientific opinion indicates, think of reducing GWG (global warming gases) as buying insurance -- just as you pay to insure your house against fire even though you may discount the risk.  And the rather modest premium we will pay to make a transition to energy systems that reduce GWG serves other goals as well.  For example, moving toward fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrids and plug-in hybrids (visit www.calcars.org) and to alternative fuels such as cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel made from agricultural and other wastes (visit www.energycommission.org) will also contribute to prosperity for rural America, reduce developing countries’ debt burden, often substantially caused by oil imports, and help break the sword of oil dependence held over us by tyrants and terrorist threats in the oil-rich Middle East.  Whether you are committed to one of these objectives or (like me) to all of them, you can do a lot for the world by helping build a coalition for reducing GWG that includes tree-huggers, do-gooders, sod-busters, and cheap hawks....

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Dennis Rivera
President of 1199SEIU New York's Health & Human Service Union

The international scientific community is virtually unanimous that global warming is a fact, and a most dangerous and alarming one that cannot be reversed if we do not act. I'm joining the Virtual March and urge others--especially in the healthcare field--to do so for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and for the future of the Planet Earth. ...

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Bill McKibben

I've been working to stop global warming since 1988, when I wrote The End of Nature. It drives me crazy to see so much of this planet's life so casually endangered. The first steps are so easy (drive smaller cars, for instance) that it's very hard to understand why we haven't taken them. But I know that this is the issue our generation will be judged by. When historians look back in a century or two, the most important thing about our time won't be the Internet or the booming stock market or any of the other things we concentrate so much attention on. Rather, it will be that these were the years that temperature began to spike sharply up--that the earth's climate, stable on a global level throughout our civilization, began very suddenly to shift. This issue is as morally urgent as the civil rights movement was to our parent's generation, and we must address it now....

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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)

The scientific consensus is clear: human activities are increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, causing our planet to warm. If we don't act soon to reverse this trend, future generations will pay the price. There are cost-effective measures we can take now to begin to address this critical issue, but Congress has been unwilling to lead. So I thank you for joining this virtual march. Together, we can send a strong message that it is time to act to stop global warming....

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David Whiteside

I am from Alabama where my family has fought courageously for civil rights for over 140 years.  My great uncle, U.S. Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., helped integrate Alabama, legally disbanded the Ku Klux Klan here, and ordered Governor George Wallace to allow the famous civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery.  Civil rights, environmental justice and marching is in my blood.  As my Godfather Robert F. Kennedy Jr. points out, the struggle for a safer environment is the new civil rights battle of our time…that’s why I started Black Warrior Riverkeeper in Alabama and that is why I have joined the virtual march against global warming....

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Larry David

The virtual march is a perfect opportunity for the lazy man to do something good without having to expend any effort. This thing was made for me....

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Richard Klausner
Exec Dir., Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

All of our knowledge about human disease, especially infectious diseases and those transmitted by insects, such as malaria, tells us that global warming may well bring the spread of deadly epidemics and the emergence of new epidemics. There is reason to believe that we are already seeing death tolls mounting from changing climate patterns. As many of us struggle to contain some of the world's most deadly diseases, global warming just may undo our efforts....

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Jon Fishman

Jon Fishman Former drummer of Phish I am marching because it is clear that the planet is getting warmer and warmer. Human activity is primarily responsible for it and if we don't do something to address it we will be in for progressively harder times worldwide. ...

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Rabbi David Saperstein
Dir., Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Today, as we survey polluted rivers, contaminated land, and unbreatheable air, we find ourselves enslaved by our own actions in a world that will not be indefinitely inhabitable. As global warming continues to take its toll on the earth we see changing ecosystems, the number of endangered species increase, our water sources dry up, increasing public health crises, and receding coastlines. We must be aware of the fragility of our environment and the interconnectedness of humanity’s well-being with the earth’s. As Jews, we have a responsibility to protect and sustain God’s creation: the earth and its resources....

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Pete McCloskey, (R-CA)
Former Member of Congress 1967-1983

If we learned tomorrow an asteroid was heading for a collision with earth don't you think all the advanced nations of the world would come together to address the threat? Probably. In 1992, in Rio de Janeiro the world came together to address the threat to all mankind poses by the destruction of the ozone layer in our atmosphere by manmade chemicals. The ozone hole was allowing lethal levels of ultraviolet light to pound humans, plants and animals all over the earth. In similar fashion, eventually we will address global climate disruption. The only question is when. Will we start now, and lessen the impacts on our children and grandchildren? Or will we put off the inevitable and leave failed life support systems all over the world for future generations to live under? Our consumer lifestyle promotes immediate consumption now and discourages longer term planning. That's why it's so hard for our society to act now to stem destruction we're already seeing. In the case of the ozone hole, political and scientific leaders dealt with the problem and much of the public never even understood the depth of the threat. When it comes to global climate disruption, addressing the problem means replacing or displacing the biggest vested interests the world has ever known; the oil and coal industries....

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Eliot Spitzer
New York Attorney General

Global warming is one of the most serious environmental and economic threats of our generation. Failure to act is not an option. That is why, along with 7 other state Attorneys General from around the country, I filed a pioneering lawsuit, requiring the nation's dirtiest coal-fired power plants to slash their carbon pollution. I commend every citizen who has become informed and involved in the global warming issue. Together, we can make a real difference....

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Kevin Knobloch
President, Union of Concerned Scientists

The vast majority of scientists who study global warming agree -- in perhaps the broadest scientific consensus since research so compellingly made the case that smoking tobacco causes cancer -- that global warming is already underway, the burning of fossil fuels by humans is a primary driver of those harmful changes to our climate, and if we don't urgently act we will be putting life on earth at grave risk. We must act now, with great moral clarity and in very large numbers, to demand that our elected leaders at every level put in place the bold policies needed to aggressively reduce global warming pollutants. In so doing we will be honoring our far-sighted and courageous predecessors who led the fights to win women's suffrage, enforce civil rights for all, adopt sweeping environmental protections in the 1970s, reduce the superpower's nuclear weapons arsenals and end apartheid....

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Bob Edgar
General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Christ, USA

We are called by our faith to serve and protect God’s creation. The health and well being of too many people, including our children, is at stake for this to be merely a political or even just an environmental issue. Global warming crosses numerous boundaries and is as much a social, health and economic concern as it is an environmental one. Christ spent a vast portion of his ministry healing the sick and preaching about the importance of loving and caring for our neighbor. When we degrade the Earth, we also show a disregard for our neighbor. Global warming will have a disproportionately negative effect on the urban poor, children, and our elderly....

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Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL)

With the rise of India and China, humanity's impact on the planet is growing. We share a common destiny in this world and through common action can save it. I believe the United States can do more to deploy alternative fuel cars and to switch to renewable energy like solar, wind and power. Americans can also help develop new technology so that other nations who industrialize do so in an energy-efficient way....

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James Taylor

Globalization is upon us - not because it's a great idea but because its time has come - Growing population, shrinking world. International law has and will continue to coalesce around access to earth's finite resources....

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Cameron Cleeland

I am marching because of my love of the outdoors. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was instilled with a sense of pride for all of the beauty and fun that the outdoors gave to me. I spent my time playing in the forests of my hometown, fishing and crabbing at my Grandfather's house on the Puget Sound and going up to the mountains to play in the snow. My hope is that my son will be able to enjoy the same simple pleasures that I was able to enjoy as a child and still enjoy as an adult. I feel that we must fight to preserve the land that provides us with memories, recreation and connection to something that is bigger than all of us. We must be good stewards of our planet and lessen our impact on it. We should be responsible about saving power and conscientious about carpooling and looking for alternative energy sources. Global warming is everyone's problem, so let's join together to stop it. -- Cameron Cleeland...

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Senator Joseph Lieberman, (D-CT)

Global warming constitutes one of the great challenges of our time, threatening our environment, our economy and our public health.  That’s why Senator John McCain and I introduced the Climate Stewardship Act to confront global warming in a systematic and serious way by harnessing market forces and opening new economic opportunities. When John and I began this battle we were facing our concern about the impact of global warming on the planet on scientific models and we were projecting what we thought might happen. That period is over. Today, we can see with our own eyes what global warming is doing. In that context it becomes truly irresponsible, if not immoral, for us not to do something....

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Senator Maria Cantwell, (D-WA)

As the world’s highest per-capita emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. has a duty to tackle global warming before it’s too late. Every day that goes by, our nation is missing a tremendous opportunity to lead the world in creating a cleaner, more efficient energy system for the 21st century. American ingenuity and the technologies we create can help curb global warming, while simultaneously reducing our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. If we seize the initiative, we can stimulate our economy and make our energy system more reliable and secure for future generations.   ...

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Timothy Wirth
President, United Nations Foundation

Dealing with climate change presents a huge opportunity for America to transform its own economy while providing a platform for energy for the world’s poorest peoples....

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Robert Birdlegs Caughlan
Former President, Surfrider Foundation

An iceberg twice the size of Dallas just broke off Antarctica. The glaciers in Alaska that have been frozen for 120,000 years are melting. The planet is burning and Washington, DC needs to respond. We in the United States are the major contributors to global climate disruption. I believe Americans must shoulder our huge moral responsibility to kick our addiction to oil and be world environmental leaders again. ...

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Gavin Newsom
Mayor of San Francisco

Global warming is a crisis facing our world, our country and our own cities. During the World Environment Conference, which I am proud to host in San Francisco (the first time this conference has ever been held in North America) we will be sharing and discussing ideas to fight global warming....

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Richard Blumenthal
CT Attorney General

Global warming is a grievous and growing threat. Carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere aggravates asthma and heat-related illnesses, erodes shorelines, floods and other natural disasters, endangers forests and other precious resources. Scientific proof of global warming is overwhelming, but the federal government and Congress refuse to act. Federal failure to address this critical issue prompted Connecticut to take the lead, joined by seven other states and New York City, in filing a landmark lawsuit last year demanding steep reductions in CO2 pollution from the nation’s five biggest emitters. We seek no money, only emission cuts. An ever-expanding consensus of scientists, business leaders, and public policy makers view global warming as a grave threat requiring immediate and decisive action. We must unite to confront this real and present danger and avoid catastrophic damage to our plant....

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Peg Lautenschlager
Attorney General of Wisconsin

As Attorney General of Wisconsin, one of my most important duties is helping to protect the safety and security of our citizens. In addition to such duties as criminal enforcement and support for and partnership with statewide law enforcement agencies, I also have the critical responsibility of environmental enforcement....

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Denis Hayes
Organizer, the first Earth Day

In America, environmental leadership generally has come from mayors, governors, scientists, and ordinary people. Climate disruption is following this same pattern. ...

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Phil Angelides
California State Treasurer

As a trustee of California’s two pension funds that invest more than $300 billion in the global economy and own shares in major public corporations across the world, I am deeply concerned about the harmful impact of climate change on the long-term health of our investments, our economy and our planet....

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Jim Wiatt
CEO, William Morris Agency

I am marching because I care about the future -- for my family, friends, colleagues, everyone. Because global warming is one of the biggest environmental threats that we will ever face. The path of least resistance, when faced with a crisis like this, is to ignore the threat or pass token measures that temporarily assuage our guilt or placate us into thinking it's been addressed. But to effect real change is complicated and difficult, and it is now imperative. This march is the first step in a lifelong path that we must travel in order to protect and preserve our environment and to begin fixing the damage we have already caused. ...

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Bart Peterson
Mayor of Indianapolis

Protecting the environment is one of the most important things we can do as leaders to make this world a better place for generations to come. As Mayor of the City of Indianapolis, the Racing Capital of the World, I applaud the efforts of the Indy Racing League to convert their cars to use a more environmentally-friendly fuel. This is a perfect example of how everyone can do their part to make our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live....

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Steve Westly
California State Controller

The impact of climate change on California is undeniable. California’s snow-pack is down 10 percent, sea levels are increasing causing particular concerns for the north-south movement of water to the dryer climates of Southern California, and the risk of large-scale fires is also increasing...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I am marching because I am a mother and an environmentalist. ...

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Gov. Edward G. Rendell (D-PA)

The solution to global warming is all about efficiency and productivity and innovation. Since when have those been bad ideas in America? Let's get on the bandwagon of solving the global warming problem--and put our people to work, build new technologies, and clean up our air all at the same time. That's what we are doing in Pennsylvania. That's why we are a now leading in renewable energy. And that's why we've been successful in bringing thousands of new manufacturing jobs to the state. We are building a clean, secure energy future in Pennsylvania and it is high time we get serious about global warming and build that better future at the national level as well. Global warming is a problem---but it is a huge opportunity as well....

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Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM)

Global warming is happening, and the “Stop Global Warming Virtual March on Washington” is raising awareness without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. So I hope people around the world will join me in “marching” across the internet toward cleaner air, toward a more energy-efficient world economy, and toward reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. We can do it in ways that create jobs, reduce our Nation’s dependence on foreign energy, and create competition in the energy marketplace. That’s good for New Mexico – the “Clean Energy State” – and it’s good for the United States as well....

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Rodney Crowell

One of the by-products of having grown up alongside the Houston Ship Channel was very nearly becoming desensitized to the vast amounts of pollutants the oil and chemical industry poured into East Houston's air and waterways. I once fell in the Ship Channel while working on a crew that built launching pads for the new supertanker's Todd Shipbuilders rolled out nearly as often as General Motors did automobiles. The resulting Kidney infection took nine months to heal. I urinated blood for three weeks. No one can tell me that the current state of global consumerism does not impact the worlds climate adversely. To the political pundits who pooh pooh the notion of global warming, I say this: Go take a swim in The Houston Ship Channel....

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Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Former Mayor of San Francisco

Global warming is real, and presents a direct threat to our survival. A United Nations’ scientific panel estimated that sea levels around the world could rise three feet over the next five decades. The impact would be devastating for San Francisco, where major infrastructure—from airports, housing developments, freeways, ballparks, railroad tracks, and sewage treatment plants—would be submerged under water. ...

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Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL)

Global warming is a threat to our environment and our economy. In Illinois, we are acting now to address global warming through policies that protect the environment while promoting investment and economic growth. Most notably, we are committed to using homegrown, renewable energy sources, such as wind farms that emit zero emissions and generate revenue for farmers.  Illinois is the nation’s leader in the production and use of cleaner burning renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.  I recently signed a law requiring all levels of government in Illinois to increase usage of biofuels.  We are also investing in coal gasification technology so we can further boost our energy independence, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating jobs and building a coal industry that is sustainable in the 21st Century and beyond.  Illinois is also boosting our commitment to energy efficiency programs.  Lowering our energy use through improved efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  I am proud to participate in the Virtual March on Washington, in partnership with my fellow Governors, who are leading the effort to solve global warming....

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Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS)

The best scientific evidence demonstrates that human activities, especially our choices of energy production and consumption, are producing global climate change.   We should take action now to provide alternatives that can halt and even reverse this trend....

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Carole King

I'm marching because I'm fed up to here with corporate interests dominating every aspect of our lives.  I'm tired of being lied to by greedy individuals who will say whatever they think we want to hear, yet they refuse to spend even a fraction of their seven-figure incomes to protect the atmosphere. I've had it with these people telling us there isn't a problem, and even if there is, they say, it doesn't matter. Of course there's a problem, and of course it matters not only to our children and grandchildren, but to theirs....

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Gary Hirshberg
CE-Yo Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

In the early 1970’s, I studied climate change under some of the leading climate scientists of our time. I recognized then, and now, that we need to eliminate the idea that humanity can continue to mine the earth’s crust for fossil fuels, and that there is no such thing as “away” when it comes to releasing carbon into the atmosphere....

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Taja Sevelle

It defies all logic to extract the conclusion that we are not interdependent upon each other and every aspect of creation. To think otherwise is a display of ignorance, arrogance and greed....

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Gary Erickson
Owner/Founder, Clif Bar & Co.

I’m marching because it’s the right thing to do.  Global warming is the greatest  threat our planet has ever faced. I also believe that business helped create global warming, and business should take the lead creating solutions.  ...

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General Wesley Clark

After thirty-four years as an officer in the United States Army, I know something about marching. From West Point to the West Wing, it has been an honor for me to march shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women who make up the backbone of our nation’s security. Many people do not understand that global warming and environmental policy are indeed national security matters because it’s hard to see with the naked eye. We can see the impact of global warming on our lands, skies and waters. However, we have to look harder to see its effect on the geopolitical paradigm. As the average temperatures continue to rise around the world, the ice caps melt leading to reduced salinity levels in the ocean; higher sea levels; harsher winter weather, reduced soil moisture, more intense wind conditions. These conditions lead to drought and food shortages, decreased access to fresh drinking water and less secure access to energy supplies. The pressure caused by this phenomenon is a destabilizing force in global politics that could lead to civil unrest and international conflict. ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor, Environmental Activist

Thousands of climate scientists agree that global warming is not only the most threatening environmental problem, but one of the greatest challenges facing all of humanity....

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Sr. Attorney, NRDC,
Pres., Waterkeeper Alliance,
VP, Riverkeeper

Our generation faces the greatest moral and political crisis in human history. Will we take the steps necessary to avert catastrophic global warming or will we doom our children to a new Dark Ages in a world that is biologically and economically impoverished and defined by ever diminishing quality of life. According to the grimmest forecasts, extreme global warming could give us a future where erratic and chaotic weather, rising sea levels, and melting snowpack usher in an epic of drought, crop failure, famine, flood and mass extinctions -- and the political instability that invariably accompanies dwindling resources. Millions of environmental refugees uprooted by these calamities will challenge the existence of democracy, freedom, justice and human dignity in every corner of the globe. Our grandchildren may look longingly at our era as the apex of civilization and human progress....

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Al Gore
Former Vice President

The vast majority of the most respected environmental scientists from all over the world have sounded a clear and urgent alarm. Global warming is real, it is happening already and the anticipated consequences are unacceptable. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. ...

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tenacious d


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Andy Stern
President, SEIU

For the 1.8 million members of my union and for all working people, global warming is not only a health issue but also a jobs issue and a community issue. Clean technologies will put more Americans to work building a strong and sustainable economy. Working people have learned over the years that the same global corporations and politicians that destroy the environment also stand in the way of good jobs, affordable health care, and equal opportunity. Those of us who care about our children's future must stand together on all these goals or we will achieve none of them....

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Daphne Zuniga

This is my niece. I am marching because she would expect it of me. And with the hopes that all children won't have to wear protective sunwear when they go to the beach. Even though it does become her....

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John H. Adams
Founding Director

I’ve been to Alaska many times and I’ve seen the changes. It’s become quite obvious that global warming is affecting the Earth in a big way. The polar ice caps, glaciers—the world is melting before our eyes and natural systems are already beginning to break down. We can stop this before it gets out of control, but Congress and the President need to wake up and get serious about cutting global warming pollution....

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John B. Hess
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Amerada Hess Corporation

The world’s population is approaching 6.5 billion people and growing by approximately 75 million each year. Economic development is essential if we are to provide every human being with the food, housing, healthcare and quality of life they deserve. A vital requirement for economic growth is available and affordable energy. By 2015, the world will require 30 percent more energy than is produced today. Sustainable growth requires our commitment to the intelligent development of conventional energy resources, use of the most modern energy technologies, expansion of renewable energy sources, and conservation of demand. For future generations, we must both meet our energy needs and protect our environment, including the control of global warming. ...

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Bill Lockyer
CA Attorney General

Scientists, environmentalists and an increasing number of business people understand the great danger to our future posed by global warming. In my state, global warming, if left unchecked, threatens to reduce and contaminate our water supply, devastate our coastal communities, cause billions of dollars in property damage, inundate tidal marshes, harm agriculture and increase wildfires. And that’s only a partial list. The threat is clear. The question is: What are we prepared to do? Our answer must be: Everything we can – starting now....

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Father Paul Mayer
Co-Founder, Climate Crisis Coalition

Global warming is the moral, spiritual, and political issue that will soon overshadow all others. At risk is the survival of all living species of our beautiful blue green water planet - including our own. The time has come for the faith communities of all the great traditions to take a leadership role in the name of Life itself. I recently heard an Eskimo elder say that he had come from the region of the melting polar ice cap, to melt the ice in the heart of man. Through this great Virtual March of the peoples, may the fire of our love for our dear planet home and its children melt the ice in the hearts of our leaders and in the hearts of our nation. Let us believe that our firey passion for the Earth is powerful enough to achieve this historic task...

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Ross Gelbspan
Author, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Climate change is not just another issue in this complicated world of proliferating issues. It is THE issue which, unchecked, will swamp all other issues....

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Gus Speth
Dean, Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies

Eventually, leaders in the political and business worlds will see that it is powerfully in their self-interest to promote urgent action on climate change. But the clear evidence to date is that, absent some more force in the picture, they will be much too late in coming to this realization. The best hope we have for this new force is a coalescing of a wide-array of civic, scientific, environmental, religious, student, and other organizations with enlightened business leaders, concerned families, and engaged communities, networked together, marching, protesting, demanding, action and accountability from governments and corporations, and taking steps as consumers and communities to realize sustainability in everyday life....

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Martha Marks
Pres., REP America

A strong, broad-based, bipartisan movement is essential for convincing President Bush and Congress that they must begin taking prudent measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Action now will reduce the increasingly serious economic, security, health, and environmental risks that America faces as a result of global warming. By acting now, our country also can realize significant economic opportunities. Clean energy technologies will create new jobs and businesses for our urban and rural communities, in addition to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions....

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Susan Joy Hassol
Independent Scholar

Carbon dioxide emitted from the burning of coal, oil and gas, remains in the atmosphere for over 100 years. We are thus already committed to some warming because of past emissions. Every day that we continue to increase our emissions, we commit to even more warming and everything that comes with it: rising sea levels, heavy downpours, heat waves, insect-borne diseases, and other assaults on our health and well being. It is thus URGENT that we begin to control emissions now to reduce the amount of warming. Fortunately, doing so can save us money as we increase our energy efficiency, and increase jobs as we create technologies that produce energy without carbon pollution. It can be done, but we must get started now....

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Michael Oppenheimer
Professor of Geosciences, Princeton

Global warming is the world's number one problem for the 21st century. If we don't deal with it now, our children will pay for it later....

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Laurie David

On this site, you will find a call to action from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asking you to join him in making history. The time has come for all Americans to speak out in one collective voice to demand that the United States start taking serious actions to stop global warming. It is a fact that the U.S. is the world’s biggest global warming polluter and yet it is doing nothing to stop it. As American citizens, young and old, we do not think this is acceptable and we all must do something about it now!...

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Mindy Lubber
President, Ceres

When Ceres first suggested that climate change poses enormous risks and opportunities in virtually every sector of our economy, many doubted that Wall Street or institutional investors would ever pay attention. This has changed....

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Barack Obama
Senator (D-IL)

We now know without a doubt that global warming is threatening us with higher temperatures, more drought, more wildfire, more flooding, and more erosion of our coastal communities. People who don't believe this can yell about it as loudly as they want, but it doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming scientific evidence and even the administration's own State Department have proven this over and over again. We must act now with the rest of the world to curb emissions so that we can leave our children a safer, healthier planet....

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Jim Lovell

When I circled the moon and looked back at Earth my outlook on life and my viewpoint of Earth changed. You don’t see Las Vegas, Boston or even New York. You don’t see boundaries or people. No whites, blacks, French, Greeks, Christians or Jews. The Earth looks completely uninhabited, and you know that on Spaceship Earth, there live over six billion astronauts, all seeking the same things from life. ...

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Elizabeth Kolbert

Twenty-five years ago, when the National Academy of Sciences first looked into it, global warming was a theory. Today it is a reality. The Arctic ice cap is melting. The world's permafrost is thawing; nearly every major glacier is shrinking; the oceans are growing not just warmer, but more acidic; and plants are blooming days, in some cases weeks earlier than they used to. Many of the changes that have already taken place cannot be reversed. Meanwhile, much graver changes lie ahead if we do not act. I march because, in a very real sense, the future is now....

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Richard Durbin (D-IL)

Global warming affects nearly every country in the world and we have sound evidence of its negative impact on our environment, our agriculture, our economy and public health....

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Kathleen McGinty
PA Department of Environmental Protection

Global warming is real and demands our immediate attention. But taking on...

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Carol Browner
Former Head of EPA

If this generation fails to address the consequences of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, we will become the first generation to leave to subsequent generations -- our children and children's children -- a permanently altered earth. That is simply unacceptable. The time for action is now. I believe it is our moral and ethical obligation. ...

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Bill McDonough

If global warming had been given as a design assignment, we’d be doing really well. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of design assignment that no ethical or moral designer could ever accept. Join me on the virtual march to stop global warming....

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Larry Schweiger
President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., in a time when it was one of the most polluted cities in America. I learned first hand that dramatic change is possible as Pittsburgh is now a clean center of high-tech and medical research. ...

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Jerome Ringo
Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation

I am marching not only for the National Wildlife Federation, but also for my hometown of Lake Charles, La., which was hit hard by Hurricane Rita. I spent three weeks volunteering in local shelters after Katrina. After the first few days, I noticed that people in the shelters weren't talking about the storm anymore. They were coming to me and saying, "Tell me more about this global warming. What is it? How is it contributing to the intensity of these storms?"...

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Michael DiBerardinis
Secretary - PA DCNR

I am proud to support Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and join in this Virtual March. There is no more serious threat to our environment and rich natural heritage than the one posed by global warming. But the solutions to this problem offer enormous win-win opportunities for our nation. Efficiency, innovation, and expanded use of renewable energy are solutions that will reduce global warming emissions and create new jobs, strengthen our economy and national security, and clean our air. Wise management and conservation of our lands and forests are solutions that will allow us to store carbon harmlessly and conserve and enhance our precious natural resources. As Governor Rendell said, global warming is a problem---but it is a huge opportunity as well. We dare not let this opportunity pass us by....

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Kweisi Mfume
Civic and Political Leader, Former U.S. Congressman, Former President and C.E.O., NAACP

I grew in up in a small town on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, so I learned from an early age just how precious our natural resources are and how vital it is that we fight to protect them....

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Christie Brinkley

I am a Mom so I am marching for my children. I am marching so that my children will be able to share this beautiful world with THEIR children. I am marching because I truely believe, that if WE ALL don't do something fast, our children will never know the same life I believe we have all come to take for granted ! ...

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Barbara Adams
General Counsel for the Commenwealth of PA

In Pennsylvania, under the governorship of Ed Rendell, we are galvanized into action to stop global warming, because of the mounting evidence of the destruction it wreaks and the knowledge that we can make a difference. By uniting in efforts like this, we hope to spur needed action on this critical world issue that impacts every one of us, and upon which we all make an impact. From our joining in this march, to our recycling efforts, to Governor Rendell’s leadership role in proposing a National Energy Harvest Initiative, every effort matters. Lawyers have special skills and tools to assist in this effort and, as General Counsel for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am in position to and am urging each of the attorneys of the Office of General Counsel to join in this worthy initiative....

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Stephen Schneider

As a climate scientist who has worked for over 3 decades to get cost-effective and environmentally sound policies implemented to slow global warming and air pollution at the same time, I am heartened that over 150 American cities and a dozen or more states are implementing money saving and health-beneficial policies to reverse our joy ride toward unsustainability. It is about time our federal government caught up with the vast network of citizens, local and state governments and joined with the many nations that have ratified the international treaty to cut global greenhouse gasses. Yet, the worlds biggest economy and largest emitter has told the world we don't want to play as it is economically inconvenient for some special intersts....

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Huey Lewis

Global Warming is our most important environmental issue. Because it’s gradual, it’s easy to procrastinate. Don’t....

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Rahm Emanuel

The issues of global warming and environmental protection are often lost in the sea of other concerns that dominate Washington. This is unfortunate because the federal government has a responsibility to reduce the overwhelming US contribution to global warming and work to repair past environmental damage....

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