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Laurie David

Location:   CA,  
Occupation:   Founder
Marching Since:   October 27, 2005
Impact:   5,696 marchers

Why I Am Marching

On this site, you will find a call to action from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asking you to join him in making history. The time has come for all Americans to speak out in one collective voice to demand that the United States start taking serious actions to stop global warming. It is a fact that the U.S. is the world’s biggest global warming polluter and yet it is doing nothing to stop it. As American citizens, young and old, we do not think this is acceptable and we all must do something about it now!

This is a call to action unlike any other. This Virtual March will wind its way across the United States and with your help we can widen the circle of people working to protect our children’s future… people from every state, from every walk of life. This fight is beyond politics – it is not red or blue it is about the future that we all have to share together.

So please JOIN the march. Ask your children, your friends, your colleagues, ask everyone you know. No one is too young or too old to march, all you need is an email address! The larger the number of virtual marchers, the more powerful the stop global warming message.

I founded this March because once I understood the gravity of the global warming problem, doing nothing was not an option. For me, this is the civil rights issue of our time, they marched then and so we’re marching now…virtually.

Laurie David

Take Action! Do your part to help promote the virtual march by hosting a banner, video, signup form or one of many other assets available on your website or blog. Click here to get started!

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