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Rahm Emanuel

Location:   IL,  60610
Occupation:   Congressman
Marching Since:   February 16, 2006
Impact:   1 marcher

Why I Am Marching

The issues of global warming and environmental protection are often lost in the sea of other concerns that dominate Washington. This is unfortunate because the federal government has a responsibility to reduce the overwhelming US contribution to global warming and work to repair past environmental damage.

Global warming is a real danger that cannot be ignored and it is going to take more than just the passage of a few bills in Congress to solve this problem. We need to bring government leaders, business executives, environmental experts and individual citizens together to tackle this complex issue. It will take a lot of hard work, but it can be done. This virtual march is an important step and I hope it will help pave the way to an end to global warming.

Global warming affects every American. We must all do our part to stop global warming for ours and future generations.

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