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What Is A Virtual March?

A massive gathering over the internet of concerned people who are determined to face up to the most critical issue facing humanity.

Why Should I Join?

There is no reason not to join - no cost, no hassles - but there is every reason in the world to become a Virtual Marcher because it affects our public health, our national security, our economic health, our future. By joining the Virtual March, you are adding your voice to countless others so that our demand for action becomes so strong that it can't be ignored.

What do you get when you join?

  1. You will receive an email message twice per month highlighting solutions and impacts of global warming.
  2. You'll get your own Personal Impact Page to share your views and ideas about Global Warming. You can edit and update this page as often as you like. You can also use html code to display images and more!
  3. You can search for other Virtual Marchers based on their zip code
  4. You can host an SGW web banner or other items at your website.

Spread the Word

The more people who Join the March the more effective it will be. We need to let others know about the problem and the solutions. It is critical that you spread the word to others. Once you've joined, we ask that you tell at least five of your friends.

Coming soon:

  • Measure how many TONS of greenhouse gases you can save from going into the atmosphere.
  • Discussion forums, only for Virtual Marchers.
  • Win cool stuff for bringing in your friends to the Virtual March!
  • Upload your images and artwork about Global Warming on to your personal impact page.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator. A visual indicator of your personal progress in the fight against Global Warming. Report on the changes you make, we will make the calculations. See how others have reduced their carbon footprint.

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