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We are marching across America for one year, via the internet, to bring everyone together in one loud clear voice of concern to urge our leaders to address global warming now. Please join the march and make your voice heard too.  Learn more>
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Melting of Siberian peat bog could speed global warming: report
AP | Aug 11, 2005
A huge expanse of western Siberia is going through an unprecedented thaw that could speed the rate of global warming dramatically, a British weekly said., read more >
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Featured Marchers
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  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Senator John McCain, (R-AZ)
John H. Adams - President, NRDC
Laurie David - Founder
Walter Cronkite
Al Gore - Former Vice President
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
John B. Hess - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Amerada Hess Corporation
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)
James Taylor
Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kevin Knobloch - President, Union of Concerned Scientists
Edward G. Rendell - Govenor of PA
Bob Edgar - General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Christ, USA
Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL)
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Featured Partners
  Natural Resources Defense Council (29,485)
Aspen Global Warming Alliance (1)
Organic Style Magazine (2,060)
American Rivers (821)
Endeavor Talent Agency (119)
Lollapalooza (1,506)
National Council of Churches of Christ, USA (2)
Earth Share (7)
Acterra (261)
mtvU (540)
IndyCar Series (6)
Union of Concerned Scientists (4,421)
Aspen Skiing Company (2)
NativeEnergy (66)
Interfaith Power and Light (6)
The Young Turks (325)
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Top 10 Marchers
  General Wesley Clark (3,414)
David (2,104)
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (2,072)
Al Franken (1,925)
Laurie David (1,531)
Reverend William Sinkford (1,209)
Leonardo DiCaprio (1,193)
Vincent (759)
Wendy (592)
Rabbi David Saperstein (463)
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