John H. Adams, President, NRDC

Why Am I Marching?

I’ve been to Alaska many times and I’ve seen the changes. It’s become quite obvious that global warming is affecting the Earth in a big way. The polar ice caps, glaciers—the world is melting before our eyes and natural systems are already beginning to break down. We can stop this before it gets out of control, but Congress and the President need to wake up and get serious about cutting global warming pollution.

Tackling global warming is also one of the best things we can do to re-vitalize America’s economy and end our dependence on oil. The energy technologies that are needed—everything from hybrid cars to renewable energy to energy saving appliances—would be a huge engine of economic growth for the 21st Century. So join the march and spread the word: it’s time to unleash American ingenuity to bring about the new energy revolution we need to stop global warming.

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