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Rainforest Action Network
Why We are Partnering with

Global warming is the issue of the 21st century. Climatologists, Nobel Laureates, Presidents, Prime Ministers, ecologists, economists and a majority of the most respected independent scientists on the planet agree that global warming is the single most important issue facing humanity. . These individuals and minds that we hold in such high regard and trust to find medicines for our illnesses, technological solutions for our daily challenges and inspiration during darkest moments, have been warning us for decades that time is running out to take meaningful preventative action on global warming. . It’s time we listen up.

Rainforest Action Network has engaged in market activism for over 20 years, fighting for forests throughout the world and supporting the rights of those that inhabit them. Indigenous communities around the world are on the front lines; they are the first to feel the impacts of global warming. Whether through oil exploitation on traditional homelands, rising temperatures in fragile forest ecosystems or rising sea levels, global warming is not a future threat. Global warming is already unraveling communities and ecosystems around the world.

Join us and in sending a message to our nation’s leaders asking them to make a real commitment to changing the future of our climate and world. Our children and future depend on it.

Thank you,

Michael Brune
Executive Director
Rainforest Action Network
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