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With one smart, simple move, you can change the world--literally. At Organic Style, we call that Just One Thing. Even when it comes to a problem as big as global warming, doing Just One Thing can have an enormous, positive impact on our planet. For instance, replacing four light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs will keep a ton of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that causes global warming, out of the air. And if everyone in the U.S. unplugged their electronics, such as TVs, computers, DVD players, and stereos when they're not using them, we'd prevent 18 million tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Just One Thing is so easy--and so effective.

Now, we know you're not perfect. (Neither are we.) We also know you're busy. (So are we.) Our lives are full and we like it that way. But it only takes one minute to join the March to Stop Global Warming. After all, what could be more important than protecting our resources today--and for future generations. So do it for yourself. Do it for your children--and for all children everywhere. Join the March with us and help send a powerful message to our leaders in Washington and to the business community. Urge your family and your friends to join, too. If we all do this Just One Thing, together we can help save the planet. Not bad for a minute's work. And you don't even have to put on your shoes!


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Featured Partners
  Natural Resources Defense Council (34,411)
Organic Style Magazine
TBS (16)
Sierra Club (1,299)
Peter Morton's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (2)
University of Colorado, Boulder Biodiesel Club (3)
Environmental Defense (2)
INCUBUS (3,898)
Steelcase (58)
Philadelphia Eagles (8)
North Carolina State University – Students for Sustainable Energy (7)
Energy Action (27)
Virginia Tech Environmental Student Organization (54)
Aspen Global Warming Alliance (8)
American Whitewater (2)
American Rivers (886)
Endeavor Talent Agency (120)
Patagonia (3,545)
Trout Unlimited (9)
Environmental Media Association (1)
Lollapalooza (2,003)
Hillel (13)
National Council of Churches of Christ, USA (7)
Chesapeake Climate Action Network (38)
4INFO (15)
Earth Share (10)
Rainforest Action Network (69)
Acterra (321)
E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs (153)
mtvU (4,661)
IndyCar Series (11)
Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) (20)
1% for the Planet (12)
Union of Concerned Scientists (4,655)
Aspen Skiing Company (3)
NativeEnergy (73)
Interfaith Power and Light (15)
The Young Turks (350)
Clean Air - Cool Planet (45)
Surfrider Foundation (30)
Care 2 (4,201)
Conservation International (101)
William Morris Agency (15)
Top 25 Marchers
  David Whiteside (5,302)
Laurie David (5,072)
General Wesley Clark (4,196)
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (3,330)
Leonardo DiCaprio (2,527)
Al Franken (2,249)
Reverend William Sinkford (1,755)
Vincent (1,352)
Lauren (1,026)
Elizabeth (1,025)
Wendy (772)
Jon Fishman (764)
charles (681)
Rabbi David Saperstein (492)
Vince (481)
Senator John McCain, (R-AZ) (403)
Teresa (373)
Gary Hirshberg (356)
Kevin Knobloch (280)
Al Gore (278)
Denis Hayes (257)
Marion (243)
John (228)
George (228)
tenacious d (225)
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