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We are marching across America for one year, via the internet, to bring everyone together in one loud clear voice of concern to urge our leaders to address global warming now. Please join the march and make your voice heard too.  Learn more>
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Half of Coral Reefs Could Be Destroyed
AP | Oct 26, 2005
Nearly half of the world's coral reefs may be lost in the next 40 years unless urgent measures are taken to protect them against the threat of climate change, according to a new report released Tuesday by the World Conservation Union., read more >
No Escape: Thaw Gains Momentum
The New York Times | Oct 25, 2005
In 1969 Roy Koerner, a Canadian government glaciologist, was one of four men (and 36 dogs) who completed the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean, from Alaska through the North Pole to Norway., read more >
Wal-Mart to Seek Savings in Energy
The New York Times | Oct 25, 2005
Wal-Mart's chief executive is set to announce on Tuesday a set of sweeping, specific environmental goals to reduce energy use in its stores, double its trucks' fuel efficiency, minimize its use of packaging and pressure thousands of companies in its worldwide supply chain to follow its lead., read more >
Lieberman proposal: Hybrid autos to combat manmade global warming
Bristol Press | Oct 22, 2005
NEW HAVEN -- Within two years, 10 percent of new autos sold in the United States would have to be hybrid electric-gasoline vehicles under proposed legislation by U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman., read more >
Global Warming a Major Threat to Africa
AP | Oct 21, 2005
Deadly epidemics. Ruined crops. The extinction of some of Africa's legendary wildlife. The potential consequences of global warming could be devastating for the world's poorest continent, yet its nations are among the least equipped to cope., read more >
World Temperatures Keep Rising With a Hot 2005
The Washington Post | Oct 13, 2005
New international climate data show that 2005 is on track to be the hottest year on record, continuing a 25-year trend of rising global temperatures., read more >
Wetter atmosphere linked to warming
The Seattle Times | Oct 07, 2005
MIAMI — Scientists analyzing 20 years of satellite data have confirmed an atmospheric spike in a prime fuel behind global warming, according to a study in the current issue of the journal Science., read more >
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